Pokemon Go: Hiding Pikachu may hold key to AR’s future | Latest Technology News

Pokemon Go: Hiding Pikachu may hold key to AR’s future | Latest Technology News

The mainstream into the success of the feud reality game, this time viewed with a smartphone. However, the hunt of little monsters continues to go ahead since the release of the game in July 2016.

The suave game named Pokemon Go has been reached massive heights since its launch. While the game had a critical flow that confronted having a Pikachu in front. If you’ve got a hurdle in front of your smartphone’s camera, then it would be a sophisticated scene, as the Pokémon Go crushed the illusion.

“It really falls apart,” conceded the chief executive of Niantic and creator of the gaming application John Hanke.

“It breaks the illusion that this thing actually exists in the world because it’s not behaving right.” – He added.

In order to resolve all problems, the creator Niantic has gained control over Matrix Mill, which is a four-person company based out of the University College London and based in Covent Garden.

The Close and Farsides

For resolving the overlay issues one needs to gain access to a device that has multi cameras or supports two cameras. Each lens can take a partial view of a different image, and merge two images by figuring out how far the object is. The human eyes and brain work in a similar manner.

The technology enables Pikachu and other critters to fade away behind objects. This is how the software is built to function, for a smartphone with a single camera lens in order to reckon the guess into depth.

“Whatever is around you, your characters should understand that and be interacting with that too. Suddenly you’re not just dealing with everything on a single plate.”

At the end of the result, it was depicted in a short evident concept clip shared by Niantic on Thursday.

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