People raise over $1 Billion donations for causes of Facebook

People raise over $1 Billion donations for causes of Facebook

On Wednesday, Facebook claims that its charitable offering tools to help people to raise more than $1 billion in donations in the last 3-years.

More than 20 million people have either donated or started a fundraiser with the help of the Facebook charitable tool.

The social media giant also announced to bring the non-profit fundraising tools to Australia and Canada at the earliest.

Vice President of Facebook, Naomi Gleit said in a statement that “Our nonprofit and personal fundraising tools are now available in 20 countries.”

People take help of charitable tool, offered by Facebook for raising donations for non-profit and personal reasons as well.

Facebook has already introduced these charitable tools in 2015 but still not made available in India.

VP Gleit continued that “Our non-profit community also continues to grow, and there are now over 1 million nonprofits in 19 countries that can receive donations directly through Facebook.”

With fundraisers from both big and small, Facebook users have made lasting distinctions in their communities.

For instance, ‘Save the Children’ has raised more than $7.5 million through Facebook over the past 2-years, which has helped over 6.5 million children in crisis across 60 countries.

Similarity, ‘No Kid Hungry’ collected more than $5 million from over 200,000 donors on Facebook to help feed children across the United States, said Facebook.

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