New Page Of Facebook Scopes Publishers To Make Money: Mark Zuckerberg - TNBC USA

Facebook Inc decides to create a different news page on the social media platform where publishers will be able to earn money, told by the Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg on Monday.

Facebook potentially attempted to make a direct relationship with the publishers in order to make sure the availability of the content, told by Zuckerberg while uttering with Mathias Doepfner, the CEO of the digital publishing house of Germany, Axel Springer.

The talks were part of his personal challenge for 2019 where Zuckerberg told he will anchor regular public talks about the prospective technology in society.

The company decides to assist publishers for making money from their news content and is pondering all options, along with payment of them, told by the representative of Facebook in a statement.

The largest social network of the world has come under pressure for its approach to the security and the user data as well as boosting concerns over its advertising practices.

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