The American media services provider Netflix is likely to test higher price Netflix Ultra Plans. From the release of the ‘Orange is the New Black’ series the live streaming portal which has over 125 million subscribers is running an ultra-premium on a trial in Europe. The plan offers 4K Ultra HD video with a Dynamic Range (HDR) quality.

Once you have subscribed to the Netflix Ultra Plans you will be eligible to witness your favorite shows on a four screen. Howbeit, as per reports the plans would be made available at 17 euros (€16.99, or about $20) to the customers.

The pricing has been very fair, as the consumers just have to pay a bit higher than the currently available plan which is (€19.99 or $23.39).


The premium plan of Netflix has been risen by $2 to $13.99. While the Standard plan with two screens watching simultaneously has been increased by $1.

As of more residences 4K Ultra HD TV’s support HDR content. A survey shows that more than 31 percent of the homes in the United States has a 4K Ultra HD TV, therefore the video streaming company has decided to launch the 4K plan. It has been anticipated that the Netflix subscribers would be willing to pay for the best quality video plans.

There are a lot of users who are in a lookup of an Ultra Plan for themselves. Therefore, the 4K plan by Netflix would meet high-end subscribers.

The price increase has been done in the previous year. However, it seems to go up smoothly without any grumble of the consumers. Surprisingly a growth shutdown was experienced by the American media services provider when it had increased its plan by $2 for new subscribers. In 2016 there had been a growth in the number of subscribers. In the former years namely 2011, Netflix had increased it DVD rentals by $5 leading to a loss of 800,000 subscribers across the United States.

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