Microsoft Store Removed Huawei Laptop Following US Banning - TNBC USA

Following the executive order of the US President to eliminate the Chinese tech companies, tech giant Microsoft has eliminated a Huawei laptop from its store, while being silent in the potential Windows ban. The Microsoft Store enlisted MateBook X Pro ridiculously disappeared in the weekend and at the Microsoft, store searching any kind of Huawei hardware presents no results at the Microsoft Store, reported by media. The report includes that retail stores of Microsoft are still selling Matebook X Pro units that are in stock.

Potential Windows ban could also influence the server solutions. Microsoft and Huawei both execute a hybrid cloud solution for Azure stack of Microsoft, using Microsoft-certified Huawei servers.

Over the weekend, Google eliminated Android license of Huawei but Microsoft remained silent on whether it will block the Chinese company from obtaining Windows licenses. For now, Huawei has been approved a 90-day extension for providing modifications to Android-powered handsets and maintain “continued operation of existing networks and equipment”.

The narrow extension does not the facility to apply to Windows licenses for laptops, added the report. US-based chip-manufacturer Intel and Qualcomm would also be required to follow the latest US government order.

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