Microsoft Developed Windows Lite Os Chromebook Style - TNBC USA

Microsoft informed initiated about the ongoing research for the refurbished version of Windows for dual-screen devices, as well as Chromebook competitors has some fresh rumors. The new application is named internally as Windows Lite, which is supposed to be compatible with the dual screen laptops and the distinct foldable displays as well. According to the new report, Microsoft is recently working on a Composable Shell and Windows Core OS for the new software. Windows Core OS is reported to be a more compact version of Windows Shell used on Windows 10.

According to the report, Windows Lite will be presented with the more trimmed version of previous Windows 10, with some features which are capable to run apps belonged from Microsoft Store, as well as potential web apps.  As it is developed for the dual-screens specifically, it also focuses to enable low-tier PC segment that will give enough competition to the Chromebook from Google. To remember work on Windows lite has been reported for a while claimed to be a modification of Windows Core Os.

The adapted interface of new Windows Lite will be quite similar to Windows, but actually, it will be a fusion of “what Microsoft does with its Surface Hub shell and the limited functionality of its Windows Phone Continuum user interface ”.

The new shell was leaked firstly on Windows 10 Mobile to bring the existing 10 components to the handheld Windows devices. Additionally, it is attempted to be an “adaptive shell” to let developers Map Windows 10 to any from – even on a foldable device.



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