After experiencing the live streaming of violent attack in Christchurch, New Zealand by a gunman, in social networking post, President of Microsoft Brad Smith has dictated social media platforms to be aware and act on terror more.

Microsoft President Brad Smith, wrote in a blog post, “Across the tech sector, we need to do more. Especially for those of us who operate social networks or digital communications tools or platforms that were used to amplify the violence, it’s clear that we need to learn from and take new action based on what happened in Christchurch ”.

He also wrote in a post, “This includes the accelerated and broadened implementation of existing technology tools to identify and classify extremist violent content and changes for the process that enables our users to flag such content ”.

Two years ago, four companies including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft` – joined hand for forming Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. Among other things, the members of the group have formed a shared hash database of terrorist content and developed photos and videos implementing machine learning techniques to recognize thwart the extent of violence on their platforms.

These technologies were applied more than a million tomes in 24 hours to prevent the distribution of the video from Christchurch, told by Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith remarked, “As (New Zealand) Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern noted last week, gone are the days when tech companies can think of their platforms akin to the postal service without regard to the responsibilities embraced by other content publishers ”.

As per his opinion, tech firms must also continue to develop the latest AI-based technologies which can detect whether brand-new content may control violence.

He also added, “ We should also pursue new steps beyond the posting of content. For example, we should explore browser-based solutions – building on ideas like safe search – to block the accessing of such content at the point when people attempt to view and download it”.

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