Microsoft is pledged to follow the regulations of law in the field of data privacy and will accept the significance of the requests of the honour data localisation from diverse countries, including India.

The Corporate Vice-President of Cybersecurity Solutions Group of Microsoft said, “we will have to comply with data laws of various countries. That is mandatory for us. We are already fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and will do the same with other countries ‘ data protection laws’”.

As the tech firms stipulate data to flow freely, Ms Johnson advised to improve the recent security and upgrade the intelligent system to protect the data from cyber criminals who get funds sufficiently, so that reliable sets of data can move freely among the countries.

She also added, “ I care about the flow of anonymous sets of encrypted data that must flow freely among the countries. New cyber threats are emerging and in this scenario, knowing such a set of triggers can help us build improved security systems, especially at a time when bad actors are very well-funded”.

Around 1.2 billion people of 140 countries use Microsoft Office in 107 languages across the world. The Intelligent Security Graph of Microsoft defines that the security researchers analyses trillions of cyber threat signals including 1.2 billion devices of Microsoft, 750 million Azure Cloud accounts and 200 global partners along with commercial services.

The Strategic Policy Advisors of Microsoft, David Heiner said, “ We are working very hard on the subject where to build our data centres. We are in nearly 40 countries now. There are government demands on a theory which is well established that if the data is located in a country, the government has more control over it .”

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