Microsoft and have acquired to continue competing for the Pentagon cloud computing services as part of a contract which could be worth almost $10 billion, the US Department of Defense told on Wednesday.

The selection did not nominate IBM and Oracle for the competition for the contract for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud of Defense Department. The contract is included in the broad modification of the information technology systems of Pentagon.

The department representative Elissa Smith said in a statement, “I can confirm that AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft are the companies that met the minimum requirements outlined.

The Pentagon said in its request for the persons in the last year that the contract for cloud computing services charge could rise up to $10 billion over a 10 year period.

Amazon Web  Services, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle were nominated as front runners for the contract, as per the industry executives. Once AWS was the only enterprise which gets approval from the government to manage the secret and top secret data.

According to Smith, a contract was supposed to be awarded on mid-July, directly because of the size and the involvement of the deal, potential protest lawsuit, and a progressing investigation.


Oracle has revealed their worries about the role of a former employee of Amazon who worked on the JEDI project until challenging himself, then later left the Defense Department and returned to Amazon Web Services.

Smith claimed a departmental review of the additional process unveiled potential ethical violations which have been referred to the inspector general of the Defense Department for the additional probe.

But she claimed that the investigation settled there were “ no conflicts of interest that affected the integrity of the acquisition process.”

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