On Thursday, Facebook Inc Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has defended his decision to encrypt the social media giant’s messaging services, despite concerns on its impact on child exploitation and other criminal activities.   

The United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia have signed an open letter in the day calling for the social media giant to suspend its encryption plan, claim it would obstruct terrorism and child abuse. 

While speaking in a live stream in the internal Q&A Session, Mr. Zuckerberg has said that he had been aware of child exploitation risks before announces his encryption plan and accept that it would reduce tools to fight the trouble. 

CEO Zuckerberg has been quoted saying, “When we were deciding whether to go to end-to-end encryption across the different apps, this was one of the things that just weighed the most heavily on me.”

While addressing an employee query about online child abuse, the Facebook CEO has acknowledged that losing access to the content of messages would mean “you’re fighting that battle with at least a hand tied behind your back.”

However, he said that he was “optimistic” that the social media giant would be able to identify predators even in an encrypted system using a similar tool required to fight election interference, like patterns of activity and connections between accounts on distinct platforms. 

Mr. Zuckerberg further suggested that Facebook might also limit the way adults can interact with minors on its social media platforms. 

He further announced his plan to axis the company toward move private forms of communication in March, limits months of internal debate over the merits of encryption, report sources.

With the company, privacy engineers and others are desperate to shed the legacy of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal considered the move as a win, as did the Product Manager watches the constant uptick of growth at the company’s encrypted messaging service, WhatsApp. 

But the Safety Team Members of Facebook are familiar with the child exploitation risks and have argued against the plan, raised huge concerns through the leaders and important company meetings with senior executives, said sources. 

America, Australia, and Britain have said in their joint letter that they had been occupied with the social media giant over the issue, but Facebook hadn’t committed to addressing their “serious concerns” about the impact of its proposal. 

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has also met with Mark Zuckerberg and other senior leaders of Facebook, who offered assurances that child safety was key to them. 

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