Issues With Sending And Uploading Files Has Been Resolved, Facebook - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, Facebook Inc. Said that the trouble with sending and uploading media files on its platforms has been fixed.  

Earlier in the day, many global users were unable to send and receive images, videos or other files, including on Instagram, and WhatsApp, reports it was working to resolve the trouble.  

Facebook said, “During one of our routine maintenance operations, we triggered an issue that is making it difficult for some people to upload or send photos and videos.”

The company daily generates millions of dollars from its advertising revenue, denied to comment when was asked it will refund businesses. In a same incident in March, Facebook said that it would consider refunding advertiser for lost publicity.   

Thousand Eyes, a company that controls global internet traffic said that “the disruption appears to be related to an internal infrastructure or application issue.”

The partial protest of users across the world about the largest social media giant, with many taking to Twitter to appeal.

Over 14000 social media users has reported issues with Instagram, while around 7500, and 1600 users complained about WhatsApp and Facebook, informed outage tracking website

Its live outage map display that the trouble were mainly in parts of the United States, and Europe.

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