Facebook-led messaging app Instagram is experimenting with a new Sticker feature which will present music lyrics of a song track in the background of the stories. Still, progressively, the feature was forecasted in April on Twitter by opposing engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who even presented its working in a short music video from Rick Ashley’s “ Never Gonna Give You Up” alongside its lyrics, reported by the familiar sources.

Particulars about the appropriate region are the app testing the feature in remains unvivid like now. Information about public ability also remains unidentified. In 2018, the image-messaging app introduced music to its Stories feature, providing the users the option to add background music to attend their posts and modify their stories with specific video clips for the indisputable images or videos.

In December, Instagram included few additional musical features, allowing the users to reply to the questions with songs, along with the waiting and question stickers for the live videos, added by the report.

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