On Monday,

announced that the co-founder Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom as a chief executive officer and chief technical officer respectively resigned from the post of the image-sharing app which is owned by Facebook Inc, without explaining sufficiently the cause.

The withdrawal at Facebook’s rapid growing profit generator comes just one month after the exit of Jan Koum the co-founder of Whatsapp popular messaging app owned by  Facebook, leaving the social media without the development technician behind of its two biggest services.

They have to confront also when the core platform of Facebook is charged for not having the sufficient proceedings to safeguard the customer’s data and when it steps out against the political efforts to unroll the false rumours.

In a blog post. Systrom wrote on Monday, that Krieger and he needed a plan to take time off and venture their creativity and curiosity again.

Bloomberg disclosed that after a frequent encounter with Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook over the leadership of Instagram their declaration is publicized.

In his statement, Zuckerberg stated the two as “extraordinary product leaders.”

He said, “ I have learned a lot working with them for the past six years and have really enjoyed it. I wish them all the best and I am looking forward to seeing what they build next.”

Systrom told Recode in the last June, “ I see Mark practice a tremendous amount of restraint in giving us the freedom to run, but the reason why I think he gives us the freedom to run is that when we run, it typically works.”

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