Huawei Starts Production Of 5G Base Stations With US Components - TNBC USA

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. has informed that it has commenced making of 5G base stations without the components from the United States of America, and its total production to be double by 2020 as more nations are introducing the technology. 

Huawei will start mass production of the US component-free 5G base stations by the coming month, said the Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei on Thursday. 

Mr. Zhengfei said, “We carried out the testing in August and September, and from October on we will start scale production,” adding that at the first stage it would start making of 5000 the US component-free 5G base stations within a month. The annual production of 2020 is likely to hit 1.5 million units, compared to that of 600000 in 2019, which comprises of those made with the US components and those without. 

Huawei has been on the US trade blacklist since May over concerned that its equipment could be used to ‘spy’ by Beijing. The world’s largest telecommunication gear maker has often refused such allegations but taken necessary steps to lessen the impact.

The US sanctions have resulted in the loss of access to important technologies and its latest version Mat 30 flagship phone, for instance, won’t be designed with Google Mobile Services.

Huawei’s President of Corporate Strategy, Will Zhang has told sources that the performance of the US-free 5G base stations was “no worse” and the tech company “has positive surprises.” However, he has refused to share further details. 

Mr. Zhengfei said that the company would still like to use the US components if possible as Huawei has “emotional ties” with long-time suppliers from America.

He further informed that he is ready to sell the firm’s 5G technology, including code, patents, production, and blueprints – to Western units for a one-off free. 

On Thursday, Mr. Zhengfei has further said that the company is willing to license its 5G mobile technology to the US firm, and that he wasn’t afraid of making a rival by Huawei’s technology available to its competitors.

The offer further includes chip design know-how, added the EEO of Huawei. 

Huawei is the world’s second smartphone vendor, has said the US ban could force its smartphone unit’s revenue lower by nearly $10 billion in 2019.

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