Huawei Founder Ren Zhengfei Claims the US Underestimates The Company

Huawei Founder Ren Zhengfei Claims the US Underestimates The Company

Huawei owner Ren Zhengfei took significant move over the US attempts to prevent the global ambitions of the company, claiming that the United States see to low.

The strength of the telecom giants.

Huawei owner Ren Zhengfei spoke to Chinese media after US President Donald Trump proceeded orders targeted at the business of  Huawei in the United States, the recent bombardment through a months-long endeavor for stopping the charge to the leading competitors in next-generation 5G technology.

As per the record of the state-led media, Ren Zhengfei said, “the current practice of US politicians underestimates our strength ”.

He also added, “ Huawei’s 5G will absolutely not be affected. In terms of 5G technologies, others won’t be able to catch up with Huawei in two or three years”.

Last week the US President announced a “national emergency” licensing him to ban the companies seen as “ an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States” – informed by the analysts clearly aiming Huawei.

At the same time, the US Commerce Department declared an effective ban on US companies selling or transferring US technology to Huawei.

The most renowned Android mobile operating system presented by the US internet giant Google said this week it was starting to trim ties with Huawei in light of the ban. The significant move could have dramatic involvement for the Huawei smartphones users, as the telecom giant will no longer have an approach to the proprietary services – which add Google Maps Apps and Gmail – as a familiar source to the matter told AFP.

But on Monday the Commerce Department issued a 90-day long spare on the ban in the transfer of technology by allowing temporary licenses.

Huawei owner Ren Zhengfei also added, “ the US 90-day temporary license does not have much impact on us, we are ready”.

Huawei has attempted to find to soothe the concerns over the announcement of Google.

Huawei founder said Google and Huawei are talking about how to reply to the ban, mentioning the US enterprise as a “ highly responsible company”.

A company representative said the US actions “ will not impact consumers” with a Huawei tablet or smartphone in the country, or those deciding to purchase a device in the future.

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