How a Erratum Broke Google Photos’ unlimited original quality backup for Google Pixels on Unlimited Custom ROMs

(Google Pixels on Unlimited Custom ROMs) The Google Pixel which was launched back in 2013 comes with a wide range of perks. The smartphone is showered with an enormous photo backup that holds quality photo backup in Google Photos. As you might be aware that the device packs a superb camera which is enough to let you have high-quality shots through your phone.

Considering the camera you must hold a moment of thanksgiving to the Google camera software. If you are a Google Pixel owner, then your gallery must be filled up with high-quality shots. However, a typo ASOSP error might have annoyed you filling your storage fast. If you have been hit by the same error, then today is a lucky day for you.

Google has fixed the typo AOSP error for users who are running their Google Pixel on a custom AOSP-based ROM.

Our tech team has discovered a fix for this bug in early 2018. The bug was that the pictures shot with the Google Pixel were improperly tagged as ‘google’ instead of “Google” thus resulting in eating up your storage.


The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have a same typo build scripts for the Google Pixel. However, these can be differentiated as the Pixel has (salfish) while the XL is built of the (marlin). The flag ‘PRODUCT MANUFACTURER’ was built of a script that was used to import the official software. Moreover, the bug has no negative effects on the stock ROM of the Pixel smartphones, as Google tended to fix in an internet script that is used to ship the official software.

On July 3 the fix was submitted shortly after the LineageOS team members recommended the change in the razaorloves upstream. However, the razorloves is all set to launch the LineageOS 15.1 to the Google Pixel Xl as the official support for A/B is out. Therefore the Google Pixels on Unlimited Custom ROMs would now make space for your pictures.

by Sawan Kumar on July 9, 2018

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