Google to win a dismissal of a lawsuit over a Biometric Privacy Act - TNBC USA

A judge in Chicago has rejected a lawsuit that accused the Google violated the privacy of users by using facial recognition technology to scan their pictures without their explicit consent.

The original suit was filed in March 2016, a woman has sued Google for allegedly uploading her confidential data to Google Photos and scanned it to create a template of her face without her permission, added source.

The judge had rejected the suit referred to it as lack of “concrete injuries”.

The lawsuit accused that Google violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, recognized it as the toughest biometric privacy law in the United States.

The law demands companies to undertake people’s explicit permission with the aim to make biometric scans of their bodies.

Besides Google, Facebook and Snapchat have also faced lawsuits for accused of violating the Illinois Law.

Out of the popular social media companies, Google is the first to win a rejection of a lawsuit over the Biometric Privacy Act, added The Verge.

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