According to the media report, Google has invested almost $1 billion on a project for a large office park near its headquarters in the Mountain View of California. The media sources claimed that a Google representative informed about the expense of $1 billion for the office park but did not any official comment beyond that.

The latest obtained site is bigger than the property that houses the Googleplex headquarters of the company.

The purchase is being unveiled as the largest real estate buying in the Bay Area and the second-biggest property acquiring in the US this year.

Google began gathering properties in downtown San Jose for a planned transit village and the company is declared about the spendings at least $2.83 billion in property possessions in Mountain View, Sunnyvale of Downtown San Jose and north San Jose.

In the starting of the year, Google also obtained the Chelsea Market in Manhattan with $2.4 billion which was reported as the largest real estate purchase of the year in the US.

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