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Google introduces changes in its features on Monday, which objected at making the search engine more intuitive and visual to some point it can also answer questions before your asking. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are core drivers of Google and the way it will pursue its 20-years mission to become the world’s information and make it reachable worldwide, said Google’s VP Ben Gomes at an event in San Francisco.

The search engine of Google mainly focusses on mobile use and appeared to be more enhancing like Facebook and influencing users to explore and linger subjects, interest, stories and any topics with increasingly focusing on videos and photos. Therefore, the result of the search will be gradually personalized.

Ben Gomes said, “Search is not perfect, and we are under no illusions it is.”

“But, you have our commitment that we will make it better every day,” he added.

He further described the latest modification as shifting from answers to journey, rendering options to target queries without clear knowledge of what words to enhance and use at times of image-based search.

Search with Pictures in Google

Images in Google was revised to weave in “Lens” technology, which permits questioning based on what is shown in pictures.

The Images changes include carousels of video clip online to highlights displayed in mobile search query results.

New Activity Cards in Google will help users to pick up searches where they left off and eliminate the requirement to redo online steps. It will also permit users to create a collection of online content, suggest related topics, which might be helpful and interesting as well.

Google Feed has more than 800 million users is currently getting a new name, increased ability and discovering an ability to render users’ relevant information they likely want have not thought of asking for yet.

The newly introduced Google feature was described as “Google search helping you discover new things without a query.”

Google exclaims that it is evaluating out an improvisation for its job-related search results, which will figure out what skills are required for such information and posts about how to obtain them.

Gomes continued that “Information and language are core to what we are as human beings.”

“Our work here is never done,” he added.

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