Google Introducing Global Council To Recommend Tech Ethics and on AI Technology - TNBC USA

Alphabet’s Google told that it was introducing an international advisory council to ponder ethical matters around artificial intelligence and other surfacing technologies. The council, which is described to publish a report at the end of 2019, including technology experts, digital ethicists and individuals from public policy backgrounds, the Senior Vice President for global affairs of Google, Kent Walker told at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology conference.

The group is ready to provide suggestions for Google and other companies and researchers working in areas such as facial identification application, a form of automation whi9ch has triggered concerns about national bias and other limitations.

Vice President for global affairs of Google, Kent Walker told on the stage at the MIT Technology Review event of San Francisco, “ We want to have the most informed and thoughtful conversations we can,”. He also added, “ We want to sit down with the council and see what agenda they want to set”.

Already, Google has its internally customized AI principles, which among other allowances counter the California-based tech firm from implementing AI technology to develop weapons.

The eight-member Advanced Technology External Advisory Council includes an associate Professor in evaluating at the University of Bath, a former  US State Deputy Secretary William J. Burns and Chief executive of Houston-based drone startup Trumbull, Dyan Gibbens, as per the information of a blog post in Google.

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