Google Home speakers complain of ‘glitch’

Google Home speakers complain of ‘glitch’

According to the local reports, Google’s internet-connected speakers are apologizing for presenting less “smart” than normal than said about the speakers. Some have the users have, already complained that ‘affected kit’ had returned to normal, but many others say problems are continuing again and again. The malfunction comes a day after the Home speakers began handling Spanish-language queries.

Users worldwide are being instructed in the screen to “try again in a few seconds”, only to face a repeat of the problem.

A spokeswoman, for the tech giant, acknowledged the setback and said, “some of its TV-streaming Chromecast dongles had also been affected. However, users have been advised that they should be able to get their devices back online by forcing a reboot”.

Users noticed in several cases that the problem occurred in it because the speakers cannot execute to play a wake-up alarm. Users of the work-based chat service Slack were unable to log in to the service for much of Wednesday.

Google, also being in the process of rolling out Continued Conversation – a facility that keeps a Home speaker’s microphone live for eight seconds after a query to permit follow-up commands, letting users avoid having to repeat a wake word.


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