Four Dreadful Options For Apple To Get iPhone With 5G

Four Dreadful Options For Apple To Get iPhone With 5G

For introducing a 5G-ready  iPhone as soon as possible this year, an amazing resolution with Qualcomm over the prolonging patent spat has made a compatible position to maintain the pace with its competitors in the market.

But even though Apple may acquire the interest of the consumer by commencing 5G iPhone sooner to most of the people, than the predicted time, as it lost establishment with a company it disgusted. Getting the iPhone with 5G integration means Apple faced tenacious circumstances where it had to measure four less than ideal options to executing it all in a reality.

In the end, Apple had to select the lesser of all evils:

Option one:

Sought out a resolution with Qualcomm, the figurehead in 5G chips. 5G chips of Qualcomm are already implementing in some devices today, with more forecasting as the year continues on. But Apple has considered the business model of Qualcomm as damaging to the overall industry since it utilizes its presiding position to extract a large number of fees from each company which uses its chips and also the patents. However, in that disgracing lawsuit, Apple CEO Tim Cook made his despise for the customs of Qualcomm. He also even outraged on the decision of Qualcomm to appoint a PR firm for making fake news stories about Apple, reported by Business Insider.

Option two:

Take time for Intel to integrate 5G. Even before Intel declared on Tuesday night which it would desert its planning to make 5G modems, there was the theory that the tech firm was running behind for delivering the chips on time. Apple has been solely using 4G modems of Intel in its latest iPhones as its argument with Qualcomm outraged on. The prolonging disputed circumstances can make a potential hindrance to be introduced 5G iPhone until 2020 or even 2021.

Option three:

Tying with Huawei. In an interview, Huawei  CEO said the company was always “open” to discuss with Apple about bringing its 5G chips to the iPhone. But a corporate alliance with Huawei would have not looked so good for Apple as it generates nasty political and security concerns around the company.

Option Four:

Apple could develop its own 5G chips. Apple is pondered to be working on its own modems after establishing an office in San Diego, the hometown of Qualcomm, and posting job listings for the modem chip designers. But it would be supposed to take several years for Apple to develop its own 5G chip, leaving it a couple of years behind its rivals.

No one of these options was compatible with Apple. It could have halted an extra year or two for Intel to get its 5G chips up to snuff. It could have ceased several more years for developing a 5G chips of its own as rivals like Google and Samsung push out their 5G devices and market themselves as more integrated than Apple.

Qualcomm is almost near to a victory lap in this week. It leads in 5G pushed resolution with Apple and included a huge boost to the stock.

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