On Thursday, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg was expected in Washington for private talks with policymakers as the leading social network faces an innumerable of regulatory and legal issues.

His visit comes five months after his fiery appearance before the Congress, where he was grilled on the privacy missteps and data protection on Facebook.

On Wednesday, a spokesman of the social media giant was quoted saying, “Mark will be in Washington, DC, to meet with policymakers and talk about future internet regulation. There are no public events planned.”

The news comes with state and federal anti-trust enforcers looking into potential anti-competitive actions by Facebook, and the US lawmakers debating national privacy legislation.

Two months earlier, the United States Federal Trade Commission has hit Facebook with a recorded $5 billion fine for violations of data protection in a wide-ranging settlement that termed for restoring controls and oversight at the social network.

Earlier, Executives from Google, Facebook, and Twitter have appeared before a Senate Panel to answer queries on “digital responsibility” in the face of online extremism and violence.

Facebook has announced that it has teamed up with London Police to process its data practices as a part of a ramped-up effort to prevent live-streams of terror attacks such as the mosque massacre of New Zealand.

Facebook has also announced that it had drafted its contract for its “independent oversight board”, offers the panel the authority to override the Facebook CEO and other executives on questions of appropriate content.

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