Facebook Stated Issues were Due to a Server Software Problem - TNBC USA

Facebook stated the users had faced trouble to access the social network and its other social apps like Instagram for a block of the day due to a problem in server software. In the past two weeks, it was the second lagging which was caused for technical issues affected the accessing of social-network giant Facebook.

The representative of Facebook told AFP, “ Earlier today, a server configuration caused intermittent problems across all apps globally, creating a degraded experience for users.he issue has since been resolved, we are back to 100 per cent for everyone, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

The independent tracking site Down Detector presented a map recommending that blackouts affected most parts of the world, especially in Europe, North America and Asia.

The headquarters of the leading social network is in California where blackouts stretched from the earlier morning to the afternoon. The #FaceboohDown moved on Twitter.

Tweeted kidding included jokes about social network prone people actually was getting involved in work,  contacting one another in real life, or streaming in Twitter during the disable condition of social network Facebook.

In the recent weeks, the social-network giant Facebook which is also the operator of the photo-sharing interactive platform Instagram, and the Messenger applications and Whatsapp has confronted huge pressure due to the handling of misinformation campaigns, as well as the appointing the specific consultancy for damage controlling in the internal section.

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