Facebook Invited US Senate Panel Over Digital Currency Project

Facebook Invited US Senate Panel Over Digital Currency Project

Social-media giant Facebook decides to design an international cryptocurrency system, which will face strict monitoring by the US Senate banking committee on 16th July, the latest remark of policymakers around the globe are pitching a prudent eye on the project. The hearing will investigate the project, termed Libra, as well as any data privacy reflections it may emerge, the committee claim on Wednesday. No spectator has been declared yet, as per the committee representative.

David Marcus, who superintends the blockchain efforts of Facebook, is forecasted for testifying, according to a source in Washington familiar with the matter.

The declaration comes one day after the social media giant revealed plans to introduce an international cryptocurrency, which urgently attracted attention from the controllers across the globe and doubtfulness from Washington.

Representative Maxine Waters, the Democrat who leads the White House Financial Services Committee, as she planned to uniformly call Facebook to testify, and questioned the company for halting the project while legislators researched it.

In May, the leaders of the Senate Banking Committee wrote to Facebook requesting information on rumors if its cryptocurrency project, and how it would safeguard consumer information.

On Tuesday, a Facebook representative said the company looked ahead to reply legislator queries. The company did not immediately reply to a request for commenting in the July 16 hearing. Facebook expects to initiate the Libra in the first half of 2020. They expect it was not only forced transactions between the established businesses and consumers internationally but offer unfinanced consumers access to financial services for the first time.

before, the declaration on Tuesday, Facebook was already confronting crucial backlash over mishandling user data and not doing sufficient to prevent Russian interface in the 2016 US Presidential election. Those issues have directed some government personnel to call Facebook for bringing upon penalties or be violently split up.

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