Ex-Employee Claims in a Public Memo :“Facebook has a Black People Problem” - TNBC USA

The former journalist, as well as digital strategist Mark Luckie, says that he received the job offer from the Social media giant Facebook unwillingly. At first, he was not ready to shift to Silicon Valley from Atlanta , where he had been was residing, but he said his fiance convinced him saying that the job approached an opportunity to make a stand point on the influential social network.

35 years old Luckie said in the interview with The Washington Post, “I was really excited. Facebook is an amazing company that reaches a lot of people. I did not plan to leave .”

But as a black employee, while he became undeceived with his time at the company.  After around a year at the company , he took the decision to quit. And before his last day in the middle of November, he wrote a long message that he sent to the staff of the company. The message is in the news this week after Luckie made it exposed on the social media. Luckie contends that the company is “failing its black employees and its black users ”,  by expelling them from events and the significant work which guides the service of Facebook.

The former editor at The Washington Post for around two years until 2012, records statistics that denotes the black users are one of the more occupied demographics on Facebook with more utilization to communicate with friends and family than the average population.

He wrote, “ Black people are driving the kind of meaningful social interactions Facebook is striving to facilitate”.

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