The Presence of the Uncertainty tech-giant Apple in CES 2019 is uncertain, in the annual customer technology private summit – even the tech giant is not attending. Apple, Google kept an eye its promise to privacy on a huge billboard in Las Vegas as tech companies and tech wizard assembled there.

The epic letters manifest, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone, ”, traversing the height of an entire building. The advertisement closes the Sin City Slogan “ What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and works as a noticeable punch against the moves of the Silicon Valley competitor of Apple.

Google, which makes the most traversed wide extended mobile operating system, Android, has a large footprint at the exhibition. Another main rival of Apple, Samsung, booted its appearance at CES by declaring a deal with Apple to offer Apple produced iTunes and Airplay 2 streaming support on the 2019 smart televisions by Samsung, in a first-time corporate tie-up. Very soon Samsung owners will achieve the accessing authorization in a form of an iTunes app on their TV sets and will be able to provide their consumers, the facility of streaming music, movies and shows from their iPhone or another several Apple devices onto their TV.

The significance of the partnership lies on the representation of another step by Apple such as breaking its walls of rivalry to boost their entertainment services, along with the scope to recover their critical condition of revenue,  as well as the development in its hardware sale drops. The top international supplier of smartphones, Samsung, whose devices usually compete with the iPhone, their televisions offer a path for Apple for getting its content onto larger screens at home.

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NASA Introduced Spacesuit To Be Dressed By First Woman On Moon

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