The Chinese government charged the United States claiming that the US is attempting to restrain their industrial development by alleging the Chinese mobile network as they are instigating stances of cybersecurity threat to the countries by unveiling the new internet systems.

In an influential move to the effort of US to upturn its allies on the specific issue, as per the report of the British media, the intelligence agencies of the country have discovered the possible limit of the security risks of implementing Chinese equipment in so-called 5G networks.

The United States contends that Beijing might use Chinese tech companies to assemble intelligence information about foreign countries. The Trump administration has been pressured on the allies to evade networks supplied by Huawei Technologies, intimidating the company’s access to the market for next-generation wireless gear.

As the largest global manufacturer of switching gear for phone, as well as internet companies, the company declines the charges about the facilitation of spying of China and told it would reject any government demands to reveal the confidential information about foreign customers.

The US government is attempting to “fabricate an excuse for suppressing the legitimate development” of Chinese enterprise, told the representative for the Chinese foreign ministry, Geng Shuang. He accused the way of interference in economic activity by the US for satisfying “political means” which is actually hypocritical, unfair, immoral and bullying.

In a conference in Germany, in this weekend, US Vice President Mike Pence persistently requested the European allies to take the threat seriously and he also cited the moves by Huawei as they are searching partners to build new 5G mobile networks.

5G technology defines the vast expansion to reach to the networks for supporting the internet-dependent methodology  medical equipment, self-driving cars, factory machines, and other devices.`

It makes it more diplomatically sensitive and raises the potential cost of security failures. US Vice President also told Huawei and other  Chinese telecom equipment makers supply Beijing with “access to any data that touches their network or equipment ”. He appealed to European governments to “ reject any enterprise that would compromise the integrity of our communications technology or our national security systems”.



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