The bombshell news of Apple – an edge weaker profits outlook and lower sales ratio of iPhone generated questions over the ensuing market value of the California gadget giant, which until currently had been seen as the unchallenged innovation leader in the tech sector.

The rare admission of Apple mentioned sharper than the assumption of “financial announcement” in China and surfacing markets and noted down the cold trade encounter between Beijing and Washington were taking a levy on its sales of the smartphone.

But the news generated questions on whether Apple – the first one to acquire the worth of $1 trillion valuations and until currently the most valuable company of the world – is observing a  crash in the road or is beginning to slide back from the position of directorship.

Few reviewer spots to the dependence of Apple on iPhone sales ratio to push the annual profits and income possibilities, even as it attempts to implement diversity on its base product adding the services such as digital payments and music.

The analyst at Endpoint Technologies associates told, “ The iPhone has been supporting the company for than a decade”. He added, “ The world isn’t coming to an end for Apple but it’s a major inflection point. Up to now, Apple has defied gravity by growing faster than any other company in the market, but mathematically it was impossible to beat the market forever.”

The shares of Apple dropped around 10% on the news with the company slipping some 38 percent since its market value hit $1 trillion in the last year.

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