Canada Panel Slams Facebook Owner

Canada Panel Slams Facebook Owner

A group of politicians from Canada with several other nations condemned the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sheryl Sandberg for avoiding subpoenas Tuesday for appearing at the hearing on protecting privacy and democracies through online.

The group also embrace a movement for serving the pair along with an official summons for appearing before the ethical committee of the Canadian parliament, should they ever visit Canada.

Leader of privacy and ethics committee of Canada, Bob Zimmer said, “ together, we represent over 402 million citizens”, which is presenting the meeting.

He also added, “ Mark Zuckerberg’s unwillingness to appear before us and give personal testimony is further evidence that his public comments about working with lawmakers ring hollow.”

Although Zuckerberg and Sandberg were no-shows, the policy director Kevin Chan and Neil Potts appeared and confronted an intensive interrogation.

The international committee on big data, democracy, and privacy is possessing hearings this week in Ottawa for pondering options for preventing social media abuses along with privacy breaches, unrolling deceptive news and interruptions in elections.

Last year, in London it met for the first time, and round added legislators from Argentina, Canada, Britain, Canada, Chile, Germany, Singapore, and Mexico. The panel wanted to check the testimony from the representatives of Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, Twitter, and Google, as well as the officials of privacy and elections, before the recommendation of controlling social media companies in the rise of last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The rare and rescinded British political consulting firm is rumored for having accessed the personal data of 87 million Facebook users as it worked for the 2016 campaign of the US President.

Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien accused last month Facebook for breaking the law for its role in the worldwide scandal. He is pushing the company to the court for forcing the privacy law of Canada.

British legislator and panel member Damian Collins accused the business models of the social media companies of such kind of data contraventions and the extension of harmful content.

He said, “that’s why we cannot rely on companies like Facebook to solve them ”.

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