Both Facebook & Twitter Reportedly Sold User’s Data To Cambridge Analytica

Both Facebook & Twitter Reportedly Sold User’s Data To Cambridge Analytica

After the news broke down on Facebook data scandal, now activities have shown that Twitter also has sold data of users to a researcher at Cambridge Analytica.

As reported by The Sunday Telegraph, the researcher had managed to gather private data of around 87 Million users on Facebook, without seeking their permission and knowledge.

Reports suggest that a person named Aleksandr Kogan bought public data from Twitter in the year 2015.Later, they sold user data to a psychology researcher under Cambridge University and his company GSR (Global Research Science).

A quiz app was developed by Kogan which was called ‘this-is-your-digital-life’ had a collection of millions of user’s data from their Facebook profiles, without their consent between the year 2014 to 2015.

However, Aleksandr has stated that the data bought from Twitter was only used for creating survey extender tools and brand reports, which didn’t violate any of the policies of Twitter.

Twitter, on the other hand, said that it doesn’t provide any private data for external access and has already banned Cambridge Analytica and GSR to buy any data from its site.

When Kogan was interviewed following the leakage of Facebook data scandal news, he told to CBS News that he is not even sure whether he read the policies of the Facebook developer while gathering those data.

However, Kogan has admitted that his work during 2014 was not wise and the right thing to do plus he believes that his assumptions on the entire research were misguided.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 30, 2018

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