Boosting Huawei's Fortune, Trump Allows To Sell Equipment Us Companies To it - TNBC USA

US President declared on Saturday that the US companies could sell telecom equipment to the telecom giant of China, Huawei, giving a signal it taking a quite softer position on key poking point in the US-China trade war.

The US President told reporters in Osaka, after fixing a tariff truce with Chinese President, “US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei ”.

He also added, “we’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it. ”

It was not urgently clear whether the comment of the US President pointed a material change in the stance toward Huawei, which has immediately been padlocked on national security grounds from accessing crucial American technology or operating in the US market.

The US concerns that systems built by Huawei – the world leader in telecom network equipment and the number of two smartphone supplier – could be used by the government of China for spying via built-in-secret security “back doors”.

Huawei potently declines that and claims the US has never provided proof to validate it.

Last month the US government included Huawei to an “ entity list ” of the companies padlocked from receiving US-made components without permission from Washington.

The comment of the US President on its face does not point a change from current practice.

But it could be read by the financial markets as a positive signal that his administration may be open for negotiation in Huawei while bilateral trade discussions resume.

However, any softening on Huawei could meet reluctance from a bipartisan US congressional movement that is calling for a hard line in the firm. A Huawei representative told the media that he had no primary comment.

The US President enforced tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports in an effort for forcing Beijing into rational property safety and other reforms of a trading system which Washington claims China get huge illicit advantages.

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