Blacklisting Of Huawei, By US Will Harm Millions Of Consumers - TNBC USA

A US step for pushing Huawei on a trade backlist “sets a dangerous precedent” which will affect millions of customers, the top legal personnel of the firm.

Referring at a press conference, Song Liuping said the trade ban would also “directly harm” the US companies and hamper the jobs.

Washington added Huawei to a list of the company recently and the US firms cannot trade with unless they have a license.

The ban on the trade is a part of the extensive battle between US and Huawei.

Washington has proceeded to prevent the Chinese company, the largest telecom equipment maker of the world, based on national security concerns.

Huawei has allegedly declined the use of its products and introduces security concerns, and claims it is free from the control of the Chinese government.

Mr. Song also said, “ politicians in the US are using the strength of an entire nation to come after a private company”.

The decision of Mr. Song to put Huawei, is also the second largest smartphone maker of the world, on the so-called “entity list” would have extensive allegations. He also added, “This decision threatens to harm our customers in over 170 countries, including more than three billion consumers who use Huawei products and services around the world. ”

According to him, “by preventing American companies from doing business with Huawei, the government will directly harm more than 1,200 US companies. This will affect tens of thousands of American jobs. ”

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