Amazon Offer E-Commerce Giant Its Own Internet Domain

Amazon Offer E-Commerce Giant Its Own Internet Domain

Amazon was on its way to operate its own online neighborhood after the interest address keeper granted “.amazon” domain to the firm.

After waiting for years for the United States online retail colossus and an associate of South American nations to settle their fight to web address ending with “.amazon”,  the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has sided with the Seattle-based firm.

Amazon has applied for “.amazon” and two international version of the name in 2012. Brazil and a few other nations put the US firm on notice that they might be opposing the proposal.

Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs argued on its website that “due to its inseparable semantic relation to the Amazon forest, that domain should not be, in any way, the monopoly of a company.”

It continued, “On the contrary, it is imperative that the States concerned be able to participate in the management and use of the name in order to defend and promote the natural, cultural and symbolic heritage of the Amazon region, as well as foster the regional economy and the digital inclusion of the populations living there.”

The ICANN claims that its balance concerned are stalled and involved with the firm’s application for the domain, in the hope of internet firm and member of states of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization would make a solution.  

“ACTO and the Amazon corporation have been unable to come to a mutually acceptable solution or agree on an extension of time for continued discussions,” added the ICANN.

It further said, “In light of this, the board is now moving forward with the next steps laid out… and is directing ICANN org to continue processing the .AMAZON applications toward delegation.”

There will be a public comment time as per procedures developed for granting new names for the domain.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry reports that it feared ICANN’s decision, which was insufficient considering the interest of South American Government has involved and undermined the rights of sovereign states.

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