Along With Promising Improvement On Ad Transparency, Google Boosts Privacy Controls Policy

Along With Promising Improvement On Ad Transparency, Google Boosts Privacy Controls Policy

Alphabet unit Google plans to commence in the coming months about new Internet browser tools restrict how the web activity of the users is tracked by the advertising companies and provide them deeper insight and certain ads are shown to them, the company declared in blog posts on Tuesday.

The senior vice President of Google, Prabhakar Raghavan said, “ our experience shows that people prefer ads that are personalized to their needs and interests – but only if those ads offer transparency, choice, and control”.

The specific tool provides the ability to the users of Google Chrome browser to delete cookies, which are virtually tracking chips that few companies use to record browsing behavior, without removing cookies which enables easy log-ins to websites, according to Google. It included that it also would regulate some possible theories websites may use to dodge the new tool.

The distinct add-on, which works for the multiple browsers, will enlist the companies linked to delivery an ad to a user, along with negotiators between the advertiser and publisher according to Google.

Google declared multiple new privacy controls and policies at its annual developer’s conference on Tuesday, at a time while public scrutiny has been increasingly pushing the greater transparency in Silicon Valley.

Google has been resisting some of developing legislative and regulatory pushes in the United States and elsewhere for regulating data privacy and other issues core to its business model. Being measured by the legislator’s proposals would limit how Google, Facebook, and other Internet companies track the consumers for circulating information.

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