Mexican Student Introduces App Device Fitted Inside Bra for Safe Detection of Breast Cancer

Mexican Student Introduces App Device Fitted Inside Bra for Safe Detection of Breast Cancer

The commendable and expert knowledge of a Mexican student has introduced with an innovative device comprised of brassiere cup material and integrated with a mobile application. This special device is designed with the particles of mammograms which will be able to detect the breast cancer of the women checking the condition of the dense breast tissue of those who are under the age of 40.

According to the news source, the inventor of Eva device has commenced a personal, non-invasive methodology for the evaluation of the risk factors of the deadly disease like breast cancer. In the words of Julian Rios, the inventor of Eva, “ The idea started after my mother had to deal twice with that illness. She had her breasts removed and almost lost her life because of a bad diagnosis. ”

Eva is a kind of cup which is integrated inside a bra and with the aid of a mobile app it started exploration. Within five minutes, this innovative device cum cup can detect whether a woman is at the risk of deadly disease breast cancer. The core functions of the device work based on the analysis of the thermal patterns of the mammary gland focussing on the dense breast tissue of the woman’s body who are under the ages of 35 to 40.

Rios said, “ since the device generates nothing in the way of heat or radiation, nor is it painful since it does not squeeze the breast.”

The National Breast Cancer Foundation stated that the squeezing and radiation caused by the procedure of mammogram for detection of breast cancer can generate metastasis in the carcinogenic cells to another part of the body. Therefore, this methodology ensures a less dangerous procedure than mammograms for detecting breast cancer.  

Eva has been integrated with around 200 small biosensors which are effectively capable of mapping the surface of the breast calculating the thermal conductivity of the area.

Excessive heat generation than the normal ratio indicates the more blood flow which clarifies that those blood vessels have been fed by something and this can be a symptom of cancer.

Rios said, “ Eva functions through an analysis of the breast temperature and with algorithms predict if you run the risk of having a malignant or benign mass in the breast, and since it does not squeeze the breast, its good for young women.”

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