$10 Billion Pentagon Contract Of Amazon Being Closely Looked At, President Trump - TNBC USA

On Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump has said that his administration was closely looking Amazon.com’s proposal on a $10 billion cloud contract with the Department of Defence, after receiving complaints from other tech firms. 

Microsoft Corp and Amazon.com Inc were selected in April to continue competing for the Pentagon cloud computing services, which is an important part of a broad modernization of Pentagon Information Technology Systems. 

The selection left IBM Corp and Oracle Corp out of the competition for the contract for the Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure Cloud (JEDI) of Defence Department. 

President Trump has taken several hits at Amazon.com since became the President of America, complain of its unfair trade practices and the online retailer does not pay the US Postal Service a fair rate for the delivery package.

Amazon didn’t have any immediate comment. 

The US President’s criticism stocks in part from his off-shown dislike of critical coverage of the Washington Post of Trump Administration, as Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos is the private owner of the Washington Post.

Oracle Corp has complained about the contract award process, include showing concern regarding the role of ex-Amazon employee, who worked on the JEDI Project until rescued himself, later left the Defence Department and returned to Amazon Web Services.

Earlier, Oracle has lost a lawsuit challenging the contract award. A judge ruled Oracle didn’t have proof to claim it was failed by the decision as it didn’t fulfill the contract requirement. 

Oracle’s Chief Executive Safra Catz was also a member of the executive committee of Donald Trump’s transition unit after he was elected, told sources in April that she has met with the US President to discuss the contract, told him about commercial customers often using more than a cloud. 

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