White House arranged a fast-food feast for the players of Clemson club who won the College Football Playoff National Championship game and this time food has been ordered from Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s.

The US President stated the North Dakota State players that he could arrange food from the kitchen of White House, prepared by White House Chef but he decides to offer a thematic changed menu to Clemson during the partial government shutdown.

The US President Donald Trump told smiling, “ I know you people”, mentioning Clemson precedent and including, “We like American companies ”.

According to a pool report, the US President initiated the players by the “Bison” team nickname and mocked that they told him, “ Sir, make sure you say it with a Z”. He desisted briefly for serious comment, citing the destructive tornadoes which struck Alabama and claiming that he was “ sending our love and prayers to the incredible people of Alabama”.

North Dakota State quarterback Easton Stick united with his former teammates after taking part in the NFL hunting combine in Indianapolis. The US President saw something he favored in the prospective NFL scouting, claiming that Stick has “ the look, too”  and making the comparison with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

He told of Stick, “Somebody better drafts him. He’s going to be a rich guy. ” The Bison, who make arrangements for lunch during a visit to the Capitol, was expected to bring a full delegation of players during their Washington visit.

Coach Matt Entz told the Grand Forks Herald , “ This isn’t a political trip, this is a Bison trip and, personally, I sold it as two things: It’s one more opportunity for the 2018 team to be together, but also in my mind the start of the 2019 season and the things we’re going to do together.”



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