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NBA player sues Milwaukee police, claiming excessive force

by Sawan Kumar | June 20, 2018

On Tuesday, ‘the National Basketball Association player submitted a civil lawsuit, in federal court alleging Milwaukee police used excessive force in a January arrest that he claims officers unnecessarily escalated from a simple parking violation’. The lawsuit filed in U.Sy. District Court in Sterling Brown, ‘a guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, was arrested in the wrong sense and was mistreated due to race by a police department with a history of excessive force against black people.

Thomsen replied to reporters, “It’s simply outrageous that someone would pull their gun” in this situation where Brown posed no serious danger to any of the officers, the suit says that Brown, who was 22 at the time of the incident, “was kneed in the groin by one of the officers” before being thrown to the cold pavement during a night when the wind chill temperature was 26 degrees Fahrenheit”.

Local media has also reported that most of the officers involved were white. The suit concluded with police officers named as defendants in the suit, pulled his gun, another used a stun gun on Brown after he had already been subdued, held on the ground by several other officers. Eight of the officers including in the city of Milwaukee, and its police chief, Alfonso Morales, are found the culprit in the case.  The suit showed that on Jan26, the Brown, parked in a handicapped parking, located outside the drug store around 2 a.m. approached by a Milwaukee officer, who shoved Brown and called for backup. Officers caught Brown, as they questioned him and also one of them pulled him out a gun after two of the policemen noticed.