Making of a solid XI

Making of a solid XI

The most awaited Indian premier league is back. But for the fans of Kolkata its very much disappointing as their team is actually struggling to make a proper set of eleven players. Though as set is being created every day but then again the viability of that side to be a core team as a whole is not at all there. The main reason for this is not but the number of key players associated in their team. In a club like Kolkata Knight Riders it has been seen that the number of star players or rather players on whom full trust can be made to build an innings is not at all there.

With an increase of the age of Indian premier league, maturity has been seen by the auctioneers. In other words at the auction it was very well understood that there was no room for any emotions or even reputations. Players like Last Malings, Chris Gayle, are seeing the cure side of the franchise. Even though all the sides are looking very tough but the side Kolkata Knight Riders are in such a worse off position that they can’t even make a proper XI set to play on the field till date.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 6, 2018

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