IPL Arena: Jos Buttler, Ajinkya Rahane dismissals key for Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL Arena: Jos Buttler, Ajinkya Rahane dismissals key for Kolkata Knight Riders

The victory of the Kolkata Knight Riders over Rajasthan Royals by six wickets was a result of Kuldeep Yadav’s 4/20. The KKR team managed to keep their play-off goals alive.

The nerve of KKR Kuldeep Yadav was on his way to a tentative IPL 11. A while after the play Kishan befouled his mind by hitting 6 sixes at the Eden Garden, Kolkata before Tuesday. Thus leaving no space for doubts. Ishan plays in all three formats and had once released Warner five times.

Rahane who had a wide range of problems this IPL season put efforts to reverse sweep and during the match when Shane Warne was in-house. It too came out for Yadav leaving him in a state of mess. Ultimately, four sixes and a comeback have a yardstick. Carlor Brathwaite blitz succession of Ben Stokes in 2016 with a man of the match trophy for England.

“I hadn’t done much wrong in the last game too but the batsman (Kishan) had batted well. But when that happens, it tends to alter your mindset. I had become defensive; I was thinking ‘let me try and choke the run flow’. But then, I am not that kind of bowler. It is only when I attack that I get wickets most of the time. That is my strength,”- said Yadav after being the man of the match before Thursday and driving the KKR ahead with a six wicket win against the RR.

“Today, I felt that my rhythm was good. And when wickets start falling, the batsmen came under pressure and that, in turn, boosted my confidence,”-he added.

While having a glimpse into Tuesday’s match skipper Dinesh Karthik backed Yadav offering him nine wickets in a total of 12 games. All the wickets may prove a hunt towards surviving in the league phase.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 16, 2018

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