AB de Villiers was by far the standout performer in IPL 2018

AB de Villiers was by far the standout performer in IPL 2018

AB de Villiers is widely known for his heroic shots. The elegant moves are far over the prediction of a common human being. All of his moves were seen during the Indian Premier League 2018.

IPL brings forth the top notch in the field of cricket and is widely known as a platform to flaunt cricket skills. The 2018 Indian Premier League was special with the entry of spunky batsmen and brassy bowlers who used their skills to knuckle the ball with a splendid effect. At the verdict, there remains “best versus the best”.

De Villiers who is said to be a batsman and Spiderman, a man of an artistic mind and a genius who produces shots from his bat that seem to be impossible. However, his bowling seemed to be depending on his timbre as well as fast bowlers who swept or reverse swept over 140kph.

Proper Cricket Shots

If ABD is great at hitting heavenly shots and is unpredictable, Williamson is just the reverse. He plays the “perfect cricket shots” in the words of Sunil Gavaskar. No switch hits, no reverse shots nor funky play style, still able to pull over the perfect runs with the test match strokes.

Presence and Power

After Virat Kohli KL Rahul is the best formats across all formats. His power and presence had earned him respect. Alike his captain, he has the perfect combination of power and presence. Kl is a technical perfect batsman who plays resolved outscoring Chris Gayle who is his opening partner.

Before the Indian Premier League, Williamson was not a self-moving choice in the starting eleven of the Sunrisers Hyderabad. This, however, reflected in the eager 3 crore contract the same as Khaleel the U-19 player. Howbeit, he hasn’t played any match yet.  

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 25, 2018

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