Former US Davis Cup Captain Patrick McEnroe Recovers from COVID-19 - TNBC USA

Patrick McEnroe, the former US Davis Cup captain brings good news for his fans. In March he was tested positive for the COVID-19 which disappointed his fans. “All right everyone, great news for me and my wife, Melissa, we both tested negative for COVID-19,” McEnroe said in a video posted on Twitter.

“I know we’re talking a lot about testing on TV, we need more of them, we all know that. It was great to see this going so well for us and for New York state in general,” said McEnroe.

McEnroe had quarantined himself during his illness. Now after recovering he is eager to help others helping them to fight the deadly virus. “Now I’ll try to go for the antibody test when that’s available to give my blood, my plasma,” he said.

His younger brother John McEnroe was also tested at the same time after experiencing some “minor symptoms” some days ago. “My tests just came back positive,” the 53-year-old said on Twitter. “That’s the bad news. The good news is I feel fine. My symptoms have passed. I feel 100%.

“I’m an example of someone that has been able to fight through it and I’m doing absolutely fine,” he wrote on social media earlier this month. New York has recorded more than 12,000 deaths from coronavirus which is more than one third in the US. 

Experts are hardworking to invent the exact medicine to combat the virus. Researchers are studying treatments in which COVID-19 patients are given blood plasma from recovered individuals who have developed antibodies that can fight the disease.

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