World Cup 2018: England captain Harry Kane says they can win in Russia

World Cup 2018: England captain Harry Kane says they can win in Russia

Harry Kane the captain of New England says that his team packs the potential to win the world cup in Russia and “anything else is not good enough”.

Striker Kane, 24, was aware of being made the skipper by manager Gareth Southgate a couple of weeks ago. However the announcement was officially confirmed on Tuesday.

“It’s impossible not to dream about lifting the World Cup. It’s the biggest competition in the world,” said Kane.
The player hit 41 goals in all the games that were played in the previous season as the Tottenham verged towards a third position in the Premier League.

“I believe we can win it – anyone can. I cannot sit here and say we are not going to win it because we could do.

“It is my mindset and I want to win at everything I do. The players in the team want to as well. It is worth fighting for. I am sure we have all had dreams of lifting it and it is an opportunity for us. – said Kane.

“We are not favourites but you look at this season, no-one would have thought Liverpool getting to the Champions League final. You look at Manchester United back in the Sir Alex Ferguson days, they had a young team and dominated the Premier League for years to come.

“Being young is not an excuse – it could be a good thing. I believe we can and that is what we want to try and do. Anything else is not good enough.”- He added.

In the last summer Kane captained England 2-2 World Cup qualifier held in Scotland. He score a tardy equalizer prior to heading towards wearing the armband on the future matches.

“It is a massive day and a very proud day,” – said the player with a good humor.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 25, 2018

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