Serbia vs Brazil live blog, full-time: Coutinho and Paulinho the main men in strong Brazil victory - TNBC USA

Thursday, June 28, 2018- Being the World Cup 14th Day, Brazil and Serbia clash in Moscow. Serbia, profound with a monster of a striker in Aleksandar Mitrovic, and all the talented midfielders, absolutely take the way to win this one and cause perhaps the biggest upset of the World Cup by eliminating the five-time winners in the group stage.

Brazil would now need to play excellent in their football match, which they haven’t done so far, but Philippe Coutinho was the start of the first two games and will also probably be among the biggest reasons for a Brazil success tonight. Paulinho hasn’t had a great tournament yet, but he has the trust of his manager and will start once again.

FULL-TIME, Serbia 0-2 Brazil: the Very strong performance from Brazil, who have won the group and will now face Mexico in the Round of 16.

SECOND HALF KICKOFF! Serbia 0-1 Brazil: Let’s finish the job, boys!

GOAL! Serbia 0-2 BRAZIL (Thiago Silva 68’): It’s now a two-goal lead for Brazil! Neymar with the corner, Thiago Silva with a strong header!

HALF-TIME, Serbia 0-1 Brazil: This has been a bad game of football, but Coutinho and Paulinho are the reason why Brazil lead. Yay!

GOAL! Serbia 0-1 BRAZIL (Paulinho 36’): BRAZIL TAKE THE LEAD! Philippe Coutinho plays a gorgeous ball over the top and Paulinho chips the keeper for the opening goal!

KICKOFF! Serbia 0-0 Brazil: Let’s do this, boys! Can’t-do a Germany tonight!

As we’ve seen all season at Barcelona, he doesn’t need to play well to run into the box and score at any moment, so his team will surely be hoping for more of that.

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