Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Desires to Play Until Age 45 - TNBC USA

The 31-year-old famous American footballer Russell Wilson has recently stated that he was ready to keep his career going well into his 2030s. Russel has already reached the top of the NFL and also the highest-paid player. His 2019 campaign was one of the best of his career as he threw 31 touchdowns to five interceptions and kept the Seahawks alive late in the season after the injuries struck several key players. 

His annual salary is $35 million per year as quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. While talking with former NFL quarterback Chris Simms on the podcast “Chris Simms Unbuttoned,” Wilson said about his career, “Oh yeah. I’m trying to make it to 45,” Wilson said. “Why not? Let’s do it.”

It is not the first time that Wilson has expressed his desire of playing into the middle age. In November on his 31st birthday, Wilson explained that he believed he had the tools necessary to maintain his NFL career. He stated that he feels like he is in the midst of the best seasons of his career. “For me, I just feel really young,” Wilson said. 

“I feel more vibrant than ever. Feel fast. Feel strong. Arm feels great, mind feels better, heart feels even better than that,” he added.

During his first eight NFL seasons, Wilson contributed much to the team. He won a Super Bowl and nearly laying claim to another, making seven Pro Bowls and earning a second-team All-Pro nod just last year. However, Wilson has to accomplish much more as he is moving towards his ninth season, and he will surely achieve much more if he plays until his 40s.

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