Lack of “heart and passion” in 6-0 defeat to Spain

Lack of “heart and passion” in 6-0 defeat to Spain

The German Football Federation (the DFB) on a statement today accused the players for their humiliating 6-0 defeat to Spain yesterday in the UEFA Nations League. It was  Germany’s worst defeat since 1931.

DFB President Fritz Keller on the statement reacted: “We experienced a dark evening in Sevilla yesterday, which hurt the fans at home, me, the coach and the players. I was in the dressing room after the final whistle and felt the immense disappointment of everyone, but also the will to correct the impression,”

“Our young team can grow from this bitter setback if this game, which lacked not only heart and passion, is thoroughly analyzed and the necessary conclusions drawn. This team has potential. We made a conscious decision to begin a rebuilding phase with many new, young players with potential. As we saw yesterday, this can be a path of trial and tribulations, which can lead to painful defeats.

Even if we all wished to round off this difficult year, which has been successful until yesterday, in a different way, our challenge remains to form a strong team for the next three major tournaments: the European Championship next year, the World Cup in 2022 and the European Championship at home in 2024,”

The DFB, however, evidently remains committed to Löw: the organization’s statement, issued by president Fritz Keller, attempts to frame yesterday’s humiliation as a learning moment from which Germany’s “young team” is supposed to grow.

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