Iran could give FIFA World Cup 2018 ‘this time for Asia’ moment: Bhaichung Bhutia

Iran could give FIFA World Cup 2018 ‘this time for Asia’ moment: Bhaichung Bhutia

Monday, June 18, 2018- According to the recent reports, being eight years ago, ‘this time for Africa’ and but for the hand of Luis Suarez, there may well have been a first African team in the World Cup semi-finals. 2010 was also the last time an Asian team survived the group.

For really being, if someone wants to make money then should plan for Iran. Truly, Iran not only requires a luck but they were also organized and reaping the benefits of being under the same coach for their second successive World Cup, Carlos Queiroz.

Though it would be hard enough to cope them with Spain’s slick, passing game, everyone is also curious to look how Iran would deal with Portugal. Queiroz acknowledged everything about Portugal that their reliance on one man could make deconstruction easier. Reports faced that the players want to stay only because Queiroz has helped them to grow much better.  It also included that Queiroz, is to Iran what Bob Houghton was for us; someone whose influence extends beyond the pitch.

Barring Iran, with all his teams from all over Asia have reached to Russia with their coaches. South Korea’s Son Heung-min is an exception rather than the rule but like Lionel Messi, he often struggles to replicate his club form for country. Heung-min’s teammate, Harry Kane would begin his campaign on Monday and his England team is different from the one whose line would be led by Alan Shearer or have a fox-in-box like Gary Lineker. Wes Brown, sharing a television studio, replied that, “for a change, the English media has turned down the volume and I think near-zero expectations can only be a good thing”.

by Sawan Kumar on June 19, 2018

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