FIFA World Cup 2018: Let the games plunge!

FIFA World Cup 2018: Let the games plunge!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is all set to hit the world while the fans have turned frantic turning the Red Square in Moscow into a congress of nations with their vibrant banners and singing.

A few yards away from the Okhotni Ryad metro station in Moscow, fans from Iran queued up on late Tuesday. While the Red Square buzzed up through the merry yell “Iran! Iran! Iran!”

The number of Iranian fans had multiplied by midnight thus making their chants audible through the city. Soon a few Russians too joined the herd.

Iranian and Russian flags were placed side by side marking jollity between the supporters of the two teams was an axiomatic evident to the people who stood beside. “Russia, spasiba! (Russia, thank you!)” was the anthem sung by the Russian supporters while expressing their gratitude towards the World Cup.

In 2014 after Germany swept over Brazil, in the World Cup is back, and this time is all set to debut on the Russian lands. While pubs in the area have been showered with a massive fortune, as their table is flooded by the never-ending queue of customers.

Tough on Iran

When compared to South Korea, Iran, Australia and Saudi Arabia Japan has a better draw. However, the teams have been renovating their skills to make the best in the tournament. Howbeit, it is the most difficult draw among the Asian quintet.

“We very much expect – all fans and lovers of football in Russia – the team to play with dignity, for them to show modern, interesting football, and to fight until the end,” –said the president Vladimir Putin of the national team.

An emperor called Salah

Ronaldo and Messi are the most loved names in the world of football. When it comes to the FIFA the Salah is an emerging star player. He had an inventive season with Egypt his stock has risen.

by Sawan Kumar on June 13, 2018

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