Drew Brees Gets Congratulations From Peyton Manning at His Passing Yards Record - TNBC USA

New Orleans Saints centre back Drew Brees crossed the record of NFL for the most career moving yards on Monday night. Peyton Manning, the previous record holder congratulated him.

In a comic video released by the Saints, Manning has been seen as a cook who is making the salad while he has been informed that Brees crossed his mark of 71,940 passing yards. The Saints conquered the Redskins, 43-19, and Brees ended the game along with one touchdown pass short of 500 for his rising career.

The rest content those are still in his holdings, the 539 passing touchdowns of all time record. Manning has been informed that Brees needs one chance to break that too. Brees projected his 49th touchdown pass on the 62-yard throw to Tre’Quan Smith on the play on which the centre-back moved past Manning.

He told, “ Drew, for 1000 days, I have held the all-time record for passing yards in the NFL. I have got to tell you it is been the greatest 1000 days of my life. And thanks to you, that is over now. And you have ruined that for me.”

“ Thank you very much. There is nothing left to look forward to except slicing my tomatoes, getting dinner ready for my family, putting together this wedge salad. Also let this serve as the congratulations for the record because as you see, I am very busy. I don’t have the time to keep doing these videos for you congratulating you.”

Getting serious he congratulates Brees for real.

He said, “ You have done it the right way. All of your hard work and dedication have paid off.” In a generous move, Manning leaves a photo of 2000 of the two centre-backs standing together.

He added, “ Way to go. Proud of you. Good luck the rest of the way .”

Very sensitive moment and Manning is flexible in front of the flashlight. Maybe he was doing commercials.


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